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Character Of Ministry

This transformative guide, co-authored by Apostle Charles Dorsey Jr., Apostle Gregory McCurry, and Chief Apostle Leon D. Nelson, invites you the reader on an enriching journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

"CHARACTER OF MINISTRY" is a profound exploration of faith, purpose, and divine calling. It challenges readers to look beyond the surface of religious practice and delve into the heart of their relationship with the God.
In a world where religion often follows structured patterns and rituals, the authors encourage a shift in perspective. They prompt us to consider, "Who is God to you?" This fundamental question serves as a cornerstone for the entire journey, inviting readers to transcend the confines of mere religious adherence and cultivate a deeper, more intimate connection with the Creator.

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We Believe

Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God.
He died for our sins and on the third morning He rose for our Justification.
According to scripture, accepting Christ as your Savior is the only way to heaven.
Our purpose is to encourage, teach, and stay connected through the body of Christ and to give God the praise, glory and honor.

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